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Say hello to the Anubis by Arcana Musical Instruments. This innovative new scale created by Arcana is based on the B Phrygian dominant scale and features 10 notes (including the ding) on the top shell and an additional 5 notes on the bottom shell. While it may appear that this handpan has 13 notes on the top shell the three highest dimples are actually not notes but instead a baffling system designed to isolate the high notes from unwanted cross-talk interaction. This handpan was built on 1mm Ayasa stainless steel shells.

Arcana B Anubis With Free Namana Soft Bag

SKU: HP11355888
$3,300.00 Regular Price
$3,100.00Sale Price
  • (B2) [B2] [C] [A] B [C] D# E F# G A B C D# E F# 

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