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Meet Mark D'Ambrosio

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(He created Planet Handpan!)

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Ready to Start Your Journey?

Hey There!

I'm Mark!


I am so excited to have you here! The handpan world is pretty huge, isn't it? And if you're a new enthusiast getting started can be pretty confusing.

This is exactly why I created Planet Handpan!

Planet Handpan is meant to be just that, an entire world of everything handpan! Whether you are looking for a new handpan, wanting to learn how to play, or are just doing your research, here you'll find what you're looking for.

My goal with creating Planet Handpan was to build the platform I wish existed years ago when I first began my handpan journey. I hope that our community here is the resource you have been looking for and can help guide you on your own handpan journey.

Thanks for being here, and welcome aboard.

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