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If you are looking for balance, clarity, sustain, and projection, this is the handpan for you. This beautiful MAG C# Pygmy 8 is the perfect split between the lush sound expected from a stainless steel handpan and the crisp sound you would love from a nitrided steel handpan. Built on Ember steel shells this gorgeous instrument has the romantic and tragic emotion that the Pygmy scale is iconic for while featuring a truly punchy and resonant ding.

This handpan comes with an included Evatek case in your choice of color.

***Handpans shipped from outside of the USA are subject to import tax. This handpan may be subject to US customs duties for up to $120.***

MAG C# Pygmy With Free Evatek Case

SKU: HP17483947
  • (C#) F# G# A C# E F# G A

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