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Planet Handpan partners with the best artisan Handpan builders from across the globe so you can find the handpan for you.

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Welcome to Planet Handpan

Here we have three core tenants: Learn. Create. Grow. Whether it’s through the Planet Handpan blog, our video journals and reviews, or our online handpan academy - when you come here, we want you to learn something new. We believe that at the heart of learning is creation, that’s why all of our offerings are structured to do just that - get you creating! Our ultimate goal? Growth. Whether you’re a first-time player or a seasoned handpan veteran we want each and every one of our students to reach new heights in their handpan journey.

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Welcome to Planet Handpan

Welcome to Planet Handpan

What Makes us Different?

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Payment Plans to Make Buying a Handpan Affordable

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Free Virtual Visits to Hear Our Handpans For Yourself

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Individual Customer Support to Answer All Your Questions

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No Waiting Lists Ever! Our Handpans Are Ready to Ship.

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Hear from Our Community

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"Mark is not only a talented composer and handpan player but he is also a skilled teacher for people of all ages and experience levels."

- Dolly More

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