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Looking to Buy a Handpan?

We're here to help!

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We've Got You Covered

Buying a handpan can be complicated, but don't worry, that's what were here for!


Planet Handpan partners with the world's best handpan makers to get you an instrument you're sure to love. Every builder, every sound model, and every instrument is individually selected by us to guarantee you end up with a handpan that is truly the best of the best.

Why Buy From Us?

1. No Markup. Ever.

When you buy a handpan from us it's no more expensive than buying from the handpan builder directly. Guaranteed.

2. Never Wait

All of our handpans are built and ready to ship so there's no waiting lists or long build times to keep you waiting. 

3. Take Your Pick

Not sure which handpan builder is the right fit for you? Don't worry, we have instruments in stock from multiple different builders so you can find your perfect fit!


Set Up Your Virtual Visit

Head to the Planet Handpan Marketplace to find all of our available handpans and even some awesome handpan accessories to help get you started.


Here you can browse handpans by scale type, mood, shell material, maker, and price.


If you still have questions or just can't make up your mind you can shoot us a message in our online chat or even set up a FREE 1 on 1 virtual visit to hear all our different available handpans, and get the answers to your questions.


Thanks for being here, and welcome to the handpan family!

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Ready to Dive In?

Head to the Planet Handpan marketplace to browse handpans from around the globe.

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