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Q: What happens if my handpan gets lost in the mail?

A: Don't worry, this almost never happens. In the off chance your instrument does get lost in the mail, we will see to it that you receive the handpan that you paid for even if this means sending you a new one! Please be certain that your shipping information is correct when your order is placed as Planet Handpan can not offer a refund for shipments that are lost in the mail at the direct fault of the customer.

Q: What if my order arrives damaged?

A: If your order arrives damaged you'll need to contact us within 48 hours of receiving it. In most of these scenarios, we will be able to offer you both a full refund or exchange and pay the full return and/or exchange shipping costs as well.

Q: What if I don't like the handpan I bought?

A: No worries, if you would like to return or exchange your handpan for any reason we offer full refunds/exchanges for 14 days following the delivery of your handpan. However, the customer will be responsible for the full return shipping cost in this scenario. Read our full return/exchange policy here.

Q: Do you do handpan rentals?

A: At the moment, no.

Q: Can I visit Planet Handpan in person? Do you have a retail store?

A: While we do not currently have a retail store if you find yourself in the Northern Colorado area you are welcome to visit us! Send us an email through our contact page to set up a time to come visit!

Q: My handpan needs to be retuned / I damaged my handpan. What can I do?

A: While Planet Handpan doesn't offer retuning/repair services ourselves we know plenty of reputable handpan builders who will likely be able to help you. Send us a message through our contact page and we can help you find a handpan builder who can help you.

Q: I want to meet other handpan players. Where should I look?

A:  Go to a handpan gathering! (Here’s a big list!)

If you can’t make it to a handpan gathering here are some online communities to get connected:



Q: Does Planet Handpan offer any warranty on the handpans they sell?

A: While Planet Handpan does not offer any warranty on the handpans sold through, any warranties offered by the handpan builders of the instruments sold on extend to our customers directly. Contact us if you would like more information about what warranty your handpan builder may offer.

Q: How long will it take my handpan to arrive?

A: This depends on the shipping origin of your handpan, however, most handpans should take no longer than 14 days to arrive at your doorstep. Shipping times may vary due to customs delays and other factors outside of our control. You will be sent shipment tracking information as soon as your order ships.

Q: Handpans are expensive, do you offer payment plans?

A: Yes! We currently offer financing through Affirm™. Simply choose the Affirm™ option at check out to pay across 6, 12, or 36 months. Learn more about Affirm payments here.

Q: Why are handpans so expensive?

A: Handpans are hand-crafted instruments that are quite tricky to build. We take pride in only partnering with true artisans so we only stock the highest quality instruments.

Q: I am afraid of getting ripped off, how do I know Planet Handpan won't scam me?

A: Don't worry, we exist to make sure you DON'T get scammed! If you are feeling uneasy or confused set up a free virtual visit with us! We'll walk you through our inventory and answer any questions you may have. Plus we offer a 14-day money-back guarantee on all of our handpans!

Q: Can handpans play in any key like a piano or guitar?

A: Generally, no. Handpans are diatonic instruments like the harmonica or certain flutes meaning that they primarily only play in one key. However, pairing multiple handpans can allow you to play chromatically.

Q: Are all handpans the same? Why are some so expensive?

A: Indeed, not all handpans are created equally. While it may be tempting to buy a knock-off handpan online most of these instruments are not built or tuned correctly and will either sound out of tune out of the box or may fall out of tune quickly due to cut corners in the building process. Rest assured every handpan sold through Planet Handpan has been individually vetted for quality and are instruments we are proud to play ourselves.

Q: Can I order a handpan in 432hz?

A: At this moment in time, no, we do not offer handpans tuned to the A = 432hz system.


Q: Can I order extra notes on many handpan? Can I order an instrument in a custom layout?

A: Currently the only handpans we offer and the handpans listed on our website, however, if you are looking for a variation on one of these instruments feel free to send us a message and we may be able to help you.

Q: What is the best handpan scale for a beginner?

A: In short, whichever scale you like best! If you want to learn more about this read our full article on this here.

Q: Is the video of the handpan on the store page the exact instrument I will be receiving?

A: Yes and no. The videos listed on the Planet Handpan marketplace were filmed on the initial round of handpans sent to Planet Handpan and are representative of the handpan you will receive. While all of our builder partners build with an extreme level of consistency and attention to detail there may be slight variances in the finish or sound of your handpan as it is impossible to replicate the exact handpan twice. With that said, if you would like a video of the exact handpan you will be receiving just send us a message and we will be happy to provide you with that!

If a handpan is listed as a "Limited Time Offer" and it is shipping directly from Planet Handpan Studios then, yes, the video listed is the video of the exact handpan you will be receiving. As always, send us a message if you have any questions.

Q: I have never played music before, is the handpan right for me?

A: Absolutely! The handpan is one of the most approachable musical instruments out there, so it’s great for people who are new to music.

Q: I'm not based in the USA can I still order a handpan?

A: Yeah! While we only process USA orders through our website we can help you get in touch with any one of our builder partners directly if you would like to order a handpan.

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