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The 5 Best Handpan Alternatives

Updated: Jun 19, 2023

Got handpan fever but not quite ready to put up big bucks for your first handpan? Not to worry there are plenty of great alternatives that can get you started at a fraction of the price.

In no particular order, here are my top 5 best handpan alternatives.

[This list is meant to be impartial and we do not receive any compensation for listing any of the following companies.]

MAG Steel Tongue Drum

While this list is not ranked, I had to list the MAG Tongue Drum as the number one spot because it is truly one of my favorite handpan alternatives. MAG is based in Hungary and while they have made quite the name for themselves with their incredible handpans they have only recently started to build steel tongue drums. These gorgeous steel tongue drums could be the perfect first instrument for someone looking to dive into the world of tuned steel at a more affordable price point. With multi-cut tongues, each note hosts an array of harmonic overtones to produce a rich and full-bodied tone. In addition, the intricately laser engraved design of the top shell and the mesmerizing polished pattern of the bottom shell make this one-of-a-kind steel tongue drum truly a work of art.

These Tongue Drums are $620 before shipping and are available to purchase right here through Planet Handan.


2. RAV

RAV Steel Tongue Drum

The RAV was created in Russia in 2014 by Andrey Remyannikov and belongs to the Steel Tongue Drum family of instruments. Like the handpan, RAVs are made in diatonic scale sets with pitches arranged in a circular zigzag pattern. Unlike most steel tongue drums, the RAV is tuned with up to 5 harmonic overtones in each individual tongue. The resultant sound is ethereal, otherworldly, and different from the handpan in its own unique way.

Prices typically range from $900 - $1,100 before shipping.

GUDA Steel Tongue Drum

Next up we have the GUDA, and no, not the cheese. The GUDA is a steel tongue drum made in Ukraine. The GUDA comes in a variety of different models some featuring tuned overtones or internal pickup amplification. The GUDA is immediately recognizable for its distinct and beautiful etching designs making each a unique work of art.

Prices typically range from $350 - $1,000 before shipping.

YW Pulsar Steel Tongue Drum

Next on our list is the YW Pulsar created by Maksim Yudin out of Poland. One thing I love about the Pulsar is how customizable it is. When ordering, you can create almost any custom scale, (up to 13 notes spanning E2 – E5) choose from 4 different finish colors, and even choose a specific layout or tuning frequency.

Prices range from $550 - $900 before shipping.

EOX Steel Tongue Drum

The Orion Drum / EOX is made in Saint Petersburg, Russia, and is supported by world-renowned percussionist Nadishana. The Orion steel tongue drum features tongues with tuned overtones and options like finish, custom scales, and internal pickups all available.

Prices range from $500 - $1,000 before shipping.

Sonic Couture Pan Drums VST

If you are really looking to keep things cheap or are a music producer just looking to add some handpan flavor to your music, then check out Sonic Couture’s “Pan Drums” VST plugin. At only $129 you can create music with 4 sampled handpan instruments as well as a few steel tongue drums. The VST runs in Native Instruments free Kontakt Player and is compatible with any major DAW program. While this may not have the same excitement as a physical instrument, the virtual technology opens doors to things like chromatic playing, extended range, and sound mutations otherwise not possible on traditional instruments.


So there you have it, my top five favorite handpan alternatives. If you’re looking for a cheaper option to hold you over till you’re ready to make the purchase of your new handpan, any of the above could be a great choice!


Looking to buy your first handpan? We've got you covered! Planet Handpan partners with the world's best handpan makers to get you an instrument you're sure to love. Every builder, every sound model, and every instrument is individually selected by us to guarantee you end up with a handpan that is truly the best of the best.

Head to the Planet Handpan marketplace to browse handpans from around the globe.

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