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Handpan Maker Spotlight: Karumi Steel

For this week's edition of Handpan Maker Spotlight, we're heading to Southern Spain, to explore the world of Karumi Steel! Founded by Zbyszek Węgliński, Karumi Steel is a one-man operation where Zbyszek crafts his unique "Flowpans". Inspired by the Japanese word "Karumi," meaning "lightness," Zbyszek aims to infuse each handpan with a sense of ease and fluidity. In this interview, we'll explore Zbyszek's journey from discovering handpans to becoming a dedicated builder, and how his passion and creativity breathe life into each instrument he creates.



What is your company name? And what is the meaning/inspiration behind it?

My company's name is Karumi Steel. The word "Karumi" comes from the Japanese language and means "lightness" which is my aim in building and playing handpans!


Who is your company run by? Do you work alone or with a team of people?

I'm the founder and sole creator of my instruments. I love working by myself, it's become kind of meditation for me.


Do you have a specific name for the instruments you make? (Other than handpan) If so what is the meaning behind this? For a long time I've been calling my handpans "Flowpan", since "being in flow" during playing is, for me, a perfect description of my state of mind and emotions.


Year Founded:




Málaga, Spain



How did you first discover the handpan?

I first learned about handpans in 2013 from my friend with whom I was playing djembe and singing steel (gongs and Tibetan bowls). I watched my first handpan video on YouTube (you might know which one 😉) and I was lost...


What made you decide to start building handpans?

After a couple of years of being in love with the handpan and diving deep into the international community through different festivals, there came a spark of creativity from my friend, who asked me "Why don't you build a handpan yourself?" I had no answer to this question... that was the beginning!



What is your goal as a handpan builder?

My preliminary goal is to create the perfect instrument, full of harmony and beauty. But more importantly, I just want to make the person, who trusted me enough to order a handpan from me happy!


What would you say your instruments are known for? I think they are known for their good energy. People can feel that I build them from my heart, with passion, only for personal orders, with dedication and intention. ❤️


What are your most and least favorite things about being a handpan builder?

What I love about building handpans is the ongoing passion of creativity, each day when I build a new instrument, I have a feeling of deep meaning in what I'm doing and an endless delight that something new was brought to life. What I hate is the feeling, that my body is wearing out through the process of building.


What is one piece of advice you would give to aspiring handpan makers?

You really need to love handpans to make them.



If you could only play one handpan scale for the rest of your life what would it be and why?

I think it would be the Mystic scale, that was my first handpan and I think it was the perfect choice.


Do you take custom orders?

Yes. I actually love to take them!


Do you have instruments currently available to purchase?

Unfortunately, no. I have empty shelves, people took everything!


Do you have a waiting list? If so how long?

Yes, currently it's 6 months long.


For more information about Karumi Steel handpans:


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